Most frequently asked questions


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How much do you charge?

We price each project or series of projects for you in our initial conversation or follow-up proposal because every job is different. As a guide, though,  for a Direct Mail appeal, and copy and assets for associated landing-page and email, you're not likely to go into double figures unless there are a lot of variants.

Can we negotiate?

It’s certainly worth a try! Also, if you know your overall budget, for film, or print and distribution, tell us. We can try to help you deliver the most impactful solution within your budget. You won’t be skimping on quality. There are all kinds of creative solutions.

Typically, what do your prices include?

Agreement on the brief, first. Then a schedule, interviews with case studies and signatories if needed, three rounds of copy, three rounds of design and your finished product. For printed matter, we’ll liaise with printers, ours or yours and check non-live-lasered proofs. For your digital, we’ll provide the assets.

And for work besides creative?

For strategy development, help with lasering or data selection and segmentation, results analysis, campaign reviews and training, we’ll listen to your needs and provide a fully costed proposal. Simply tell us what you need.

My project

Can I pick and choose from your services?

Yes you can. Just ask us what you need us to help you with.

Can you help if we have a skills gap?

Yes we’re happy to work with your teams to help fundraisers develop their skills on a live project as long as we know in advance where a project might be a new kind of venture for the staff member. We can also offer bespoke one-to-one training as a piece of Continuing Professional Development work in its own right.

Do you have a brief template?

Yes we do. You may prefer to use your own, which is fine, but if you don't have one, then using ours can help you be sure we have everything covered at the start of any project.

How do you provide concepts?

In most cases, we’ll give you full visuals with placeholder body copy so that you and your colleagues can see how your creative will hang together when it goes live. The benefit of this, over scamps for example, is that you can share these with your teams, including Brand, gift fulfilment and Supporter Care to iron out any logistics and areas of concern before the project goes too far down the track.


How Can I Contact You?

We’re always directly at your disposal by phone, email, Skype, Zoom or whichever your preferred communication platform is. We don’t use account managers, so there’s no delay in getting straight through to whoever’s working on your project. Find our contact details on the CONTACT page.