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The Process

We’ve been partners of MFT for many years, securing new donors through door drop, appealing to existing donors and supplying the charity's legacy appeals and guides.

In 2020 we provided design for their legacy appeal, including updating our easy-to-follow barrier-busting legacy guide.

The Result

Long copy, bringing the brand to life, and apt treatment of the subject matter resulted in a warm pack the Trust can be proud of.

Our work together over the years meant we had some beautiful images to play with and helped us really set the tone.

Together with the rest of the fundraising team’.s activity, this pack slots in perfectly to a close and connected supporter journey.

What we’re most proud of

Our work with MFT has helped the Trust test a wide range of legacy marketing on a small budget.

We’ve come to know the supporters well through their responses and messages to MFT, and it’s a real pleasure to help the charity engage with such a close and warm community.

This appeal is also an example of our flexibility - sometimes MFT work with the whole of Great Appeal, sometimes they just want design or copy. Whatever their needs, we’re happy to oblige.


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