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The Process

Stroke Association had brought us on board for their “Give a Hand and Bake” community fundraising campaign, to help them streamline and develop the product and creative.

Two successful years later, they were ready to launch a new product, with a walk-a-marathon theme.

The creative needed to include online and offline brochures, posters, postcards, social media templates, stewardship emails, sponsorship forms, a certificate, progress wheel, and a sweepstake we threw in for good measure. Alongside this little lot, the team wanted us to join them in brainstorming the product, ready to test in the marketplace. It had to be challenging... but not an Everest hike - this was going to an older audience.

The Result

With Stroke’s Product Development Manager coordinating, we worked alongside the fundraising, comms and brand teams to devise “Walk Your Way”. Together we gave it a “Summer Marathon Challenge” theme, so it could be adapted and repurposed for the winter season too.

We wanted to make it as flexible as possible for participants to complete the challenge, whether they walked the 26.2 miles in two big chunks or lots of smaller outings. We also wanted to help them prepare for their challenge without causing any injury! And we wanted to give them all the support they needed to get friends and family on board.

Lots of playing on words, sourcing useful route websites, and meticulous assets design resulted in a suite of product materials that really inspired participants to put their best foot forward. Today, the challenge is still going strong.

What we’re most proud of

This was a product with a big team involvement at the charity. The Product Development Manager had to depend on us to be players in the overall team.

By providing a range of detailed concepts in our usual way, all the teams were able to interrogate our proposals. That meant everyone was on board with every decision taken and they could feed back to us on the creative and the product development to achieve the very best result.

Many stroke survivors and their loved ones derive enormous pleasure from walking, and we’re really proud to have played our part in making it accessible and inspiring for all.


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