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The Brief

Back in 2017, Whizz-Kidz came to us to help breathe life back into their Individual Giving programme, which had been sagging a little bit. So started a great partnership.

Since then, with our offline appeals performing strongly and our refreshed newsletters also being well received by supporters, Whizz-Kidz have been building the Regular Giving offer and their digital presence, with fantastic imagination, verve and some wonderful case studies.

September 2020 followed months of disruption, of course, but also even more creative thinking. We were briefed to produce a newly revamped newsletter with Whizz-Kidz exciting, bright new brand, and to turn it into an effective appeal in its own right.

The Result

It’s been amazing, Whizz-Kidz’ best performing appeal yet. Having worked together on collecting the content for previous newsletters, this time the charity provided us with it all – it’s as though they knew exactly what we’d ask for!

Our job was to pull it all together, balancing the stories, taking the readers on a rich, fulfilling journey, and crafting an appeal which complemented the newsletter content and would translate strongly online.

We’ve been preparing the ground for the new Regular Giving product to launch, and it’s tremendously encouraging to know that the sagging IG audience of 2017 is now a superbly engaged, rewarded and highly valued community. Built on the foundations we’ve put in place so far together, we have high hopes for the next stage of Whizz-Kidz’ and their supporters' journey.

What we’re most proud of

Whizz-Kidz and we have mutually pushed each other harder and harder over the years to keep improving the donors’ experience. It’s been utterly invigorating for all of us.

Most of all, finding ways for donors to engage as directly with the children and young people they support is what we’re most proud of. From 6-year-old Eve hanging supporters’ messages on her Christmas tree, to 7-year-old Matt setting an example with his own fundraising during lockdown, connecting the supporters directly with those they support has been rewarding and a real joy.

Together we’ve set the bar high, and Whizz-Kidz are so dynamic today, we'll be proud just to be whizzy enough to keep up!


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